Four books from the Rediscovered Operas Series published!

I am proud to announce that I just published (with Leonardo Campanile as co-editor) four volumes of the Rediscovered Operas Series at the same time! A lot of work was involved in this production and we are very proud of these books because they give music students an extra opportunity to not only being able to read correctly the libretto, but to learn about the composer, the lyricist, the theater in which it was performed and other interesting facts…

“Rediscovered Operas Series” was created by our publishing house to propose the rediscovery of some operas of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They were operas written and set to music that, for incomprehensible reasons, have not had the response they deserved in the musical and opera world or had success but have been forgotten through the years. Our goal is to present the original librettos with the proper editing that does not change either the writing style or the language of the original text but corrects any typos and omissions caused by the damage that the original librettos may have undergone.

To this we added a proper but brief biography of the lyricist and of the composer, a story of the theater in which the opera was first performed and, whenever available, prefaces, articles, and introductions of the times that offer a better understanding of the content of the librettos, both as poetic compositions and as tales. We hope that this undertaking of ours will help a rekindling of the interest by musicologists and by the large public in these worthy and marvelous operas.

La collana editoriale “Rediscovered Opera Series” è stata creata dalla nostra casa editrice per proporre la riscoperta di alcune opere dei secoli XVIII e XIX. Erano opere scritte e messe in musica che, per ragioni incomprensibili, non hanno avuto la risposta che meritavano nel mondo della musica e dell’opera o hanno avuto successo, ma sono state dimenticate nel corso degli anni. Il nostro obiettivo è presentare i libretti originali con un editing che non cambia né lo stile di scrittura né la lingua del testo originale, ma corregge eventuali errori di battitura e omissioni causate dal danno che i libretti originali potrebbero aver subito.

A ciò abbiamo aggiunto una breve ma appropriata biografia del librettista e del compositore, una storia del teatro in cui l’opera è stata eseguita per la prima volta e, quando disponibile, prefazioni, articoli e introduzioni dei tempi che offrono una migliore comprensione del contenuto dei libretti, sia come composizioni poetiche sia come racconti. Speriamo che questa nostra impresa contribuisca a riaccendere l’interesse dei musicologi e del grande pubblico in queste meritevoli e meravigliose opere.




Idea Press ( has recently published Volume One of “A Feast of Narrative, an Anthology of Short Stories and Creative Nonfiction by Italian American Writers” and is accepting submissions for Volume Two of the Anthology, which will consist of short stories only (fiction).

Submission guidelines

To be able to participate to the contest, the writer has to have at least one parent of Italian origins. Only short stories will be accepted; no creative nonfiction. One or two stories may be submitted. If a story, or both, will be accepted, a short biography will be required (maximum 150 words).

Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word, single-spaced, in Times New Roman size 12 font, and of a maximum of 6,000 words for each story.

No entry fee is required. The stories chosen will become part of the anthology and one copy of the book will be sent free of cost to each participant accepted.

The deadline for submission is September 1st, 2020.


The manuscripts may be sent to